The first day of School is pretty overwhelming, we have all summer building up to the day. Our little ones are experiencing excitement perhaps a tiny bit nervous but they are pretty excited to get started the beginning of their school journey. Everything is exciting new uniform, new shoes, new stationary, new friends, etc.

Majority of the time its us as parents who create insecurities or anxieties in for our little person. We worry will they make any friends? will they miss me? will they be scared? will they eat their lunch? will they get bullied? Its hard letting go of this little person who we once got to spend week days hanging out with us. Our coffee and Baby chino dates will be replaced with milkshakes after school!

My advice to any parent who has a child starting school is to manage your anxieties privately, children instinctively pick up on a parents feelings and body languages that we show. Stay calm and speak positively and happy feelings about school! Create space away from your child to let the tears out. Saying goodbye will be hard especially if you have a child who have separation issues, its so important for your child to keep them at ease. Create a happy positive send off they will read from your body language that its okay for you to leave make a silly face or give them a goofy wave, don’t linger say you good byes and leave straight after. A long goodbye can reinforce your child that you feel worried and perhaps they should feel worried and anxious too!

As my daughter always tells me that “she should never feel worried because grown ups always come back!”