Mattresses are a significant investment. We spend a huge amount of time in bed so it’s important to get a really good quality mattress, but that generally comes with a hefty price tag! Usually with an expensive purchase my family has insurance to cover it (cars, home, phones etc) but there isn’t a market for mattress insurance! Luckily I have come across the next best thing with Protect-A-Bed

We were lucky enough to trial the Tencel range of mattress protectors from Protect-A-Bed recently and I am more than impressed with the product. Reading up about the waterproof, flexible and breathable soft fabric (great for asthmatics and eczema sufferers) I couldn’t wait to put it to the test! So as soon as I got the Protect-A-Bed protector on my mattress I nervously poured a cup of water onto the bed. No word of a lie the mattress protector absorbed the spill and the mattress was completely dry with not a drop of liquid to be seen!

[wpvideo 5QHWFQ1t ]

*** UPDATE *** About a week after putting our Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors on Eliza was sick during her nap time. She vomited all over her bed so this was a real life test to see how the mattress protectors would hold up to a “natural disaster!” After I cleaned up Eliza I went back to the horrid mess in her room and thankfully after stripping the bed there wasn’t a trace of any marks or wetness on her mattress.


Why you should protect your mattress from the gross things lurking in your bed

Protect-A-Bed conducted a laboratory test to find out what lurks in the average unprotected mattress. There are:

· Dust Mites – As many as two million in an unprotected mattress

· Bed Bugs – They are becoming increasingly common in Australia, and are constantly adapting, forming natural resistances against pesticides

· Allergens – Such as pet dander, (dead skin cells and hair), and dust mite’s waste particles

· Bacteria and mould – Growing as a result of stains and moisture

· Stains – A result of sweating, the body’s natural acidity, make-up, accidents and spills

Did you know, after 5 years, up to half the weight of an unprotected mattress, or a mattress with a poor quality protector, is made up of your own bodily fluids, skin cells, bacteria and mould?


It’s not hard to believe when a third of each day is spent on the exact same mattress, and the average person loses up to 1L of fluid a day, through the skin, pores, and mouth, as well as millions of skin flakes. The Protect-A-Bed mattress protector has this miracle layer which absorbs liquids leaking to your mattress, preventing any bodily fluids, skin flakes, dust mites, bacteria and mould from getting to your mattress. This is usually the yellow discolouration you see as your mattress gets older (yuck).

In 5 years time your mattress will still be as white as the day you got it with the Protect-A-Bed. The protectors all use a soft flexible surface so none of the plastic crinkling sounds you had growing up.

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On the Protect-A-Bed website right now they have a great promotion running where you receive a free gift with purchase. Depending on amount spent, gifts include:
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