I came across this product via instagram with every reality star from bachelor, love island and married at first sight all had these plastered on their instagram pages. Which off topic shows social influences are a fantastic cheap advertising for brands. I have been paying hundreds of dollars to have my lip, chin, underarm and Brazilian zapped away professionally done at a clinic which I saw results from the first session I ever did. I always planned (wished) to have my legs done but just couldn’t fork out $99 every 4-6 weeks to get it done I had already invested so much money on on chin, lip, Brazilian and underarm but anyone who has had laser done it becomes addictive I originally started with just getting my underarms and Brazilian then added my lip chin and occasionally the very little faint hair I have on my toes!

So I figured $299 with a $30 discount they had on at the time for the Happy Skin co IPL laser hair remover with a 5 year warranty wasn’t bad investment if it actually did work! The Happy skin co comes in 2 colours white or pink, I ordered the pink which arrived from day of purchase to delivery about a weeks time (I was okay about the turn around time) I was so excited to use it but I had just got a spray tan so had to wait 2 more weeks until I could trial the product! The same rules apply as the professional machines

  • Do not use if you have been in the sun or had a spray tan in the last 2 weeks
  • Do not use over a tattoo
  • Make sure your skin is cleanly shaved in the area of use

Finally my spray tan has worn off (I had never been this excited about being so pale in my life) Before getting in to detail of my review I should explain my hair type on my legs – I am the type of girl that needs to shave her legs every day my leg hairs grow back as fast as homer Simpsons beard comes back, my leg hair I would say is quite thick and dark you can refer to the before and after at the bottom of the page.
Happy Skin co recommend using this product one a week for the first 4 weeks which is what I did and to be honest I was starting to become worried as I was only seeing such a small difference at the 2-3 week mark – I was only having to shave every third day instead of daily. I then increased my use of the Happy Skin co to twice a week this by week 6 i started to hair growth developing in different stages some hairs taking a lot longer to appear to the surface then the others causing patches of hair. After 9 weeks of using the Happy Skin co we were off to Bali and here was the real test to see how long it would take till I saw a hair pop up two things that can make a girl uncomfortable on a vacation 1 is getting your period and the second having hairy legs, bikini line or underarms when your in a bikini everyday. I lasted till day 7 when the first few hairs popped out noticeably because the laser thins out the hair it doesn’t really get that shape hair growth you would get if say you just shaved your legs!

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 5.24.57 pm

Quick summary of how I am finding the Happy Skin Co hair remover it doesn’t work as well or as effective a results I have had with hair laser clinic after 8 sessions under my arms and haven’t been to the clinic in 2-3 months and I still have zero hair under my pits at this moment. Does it work I would say I am going to sit on the fence and say it works slowly! It also takes me about 10 minutes to do each leg at a time. But I do find its quite convenient being a working mum its hard to find the time to get to the appointments so this way I can do my own laser in my own time usually at night after the kids go to bed.  Does it hurt? No it doesn’t really hurt at all just feels like a warm sensation there is 5 different levels of intensity I have always used the highest.

As disgusting and embarrassing as this before and after photo is I wanted to give you an idea of a weeks worth of hair growth before using Happy Skin co to one that is after using the Happy skin co for 10 weeks both 7 days after a fresh shave.
Happy Skin Co have kindly given me a discount code to share with you 🙂 you can use ‘Samantha30’ at the check out to get $30 off your purchase!